Javier Giese is an Engineer in Electronic Systems and has obtained a Master’s degree in Information Technology and Computer Science. He has worked in different Mexican companies both in the area of ​​electronics and in the field of ​​software development. He worked for several years at Amazon.com as a software developer and later led an innovation cell between Tecnológico de Monterrey and Google.

He was director of the Center for Innovation in Technology and Education for five years. His initiative has generated the fulfillment as main achievements: an active learning classroom model that was implemented and continues to be used nationally in its campuses; a public portal of open educational resources (Temoa.info) that has received several international awards, as well as agreements with telephone companies to support the mobile learning initiative.
Javier has been a professor in the area of ​​Computational Sciences for more than 25 years, receiving different recognitions at the Tecnológico de Monterrey. Additionally, he has given conferences concerning educational technology in the United States (World Bank) and different countries of Latin America. Currently, he is the leader of ​​Educational Experience Department where he defines, coordinates and monitors academic approach at the national level related to learning spaces, educational platforms and institutional academic software of the Tec21 Educational Model.

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